Welcome to the Fairfax Station Railroad Museum

Fairfax Station: All Aboard!

By Nan Netherton & Whitney Von Lake Wyckoff

This is a comprehensive history of the Village of Fairfax Station, Virginia and its surroundings

The book trace the activities of people who have occupied the land from Indian times to the present. The authors touch upon agriculture as practiced through the earlier years. They describe the building of the old rolling roads, turnpikes and the Orange & Alexandria Railroad.

Everyday occurrences and special events in the small rural railroad village are included. Fairfax Station is seen gradually changing from a pastoral setting to one of a pleasant country village in suburbia, with many of its turn-of-the-century farm houses and quaint outbuildings still intact.

The book reveals the community's "layers of history" and the lives of its residents and friends who have established a railroad station museum and well-utilized community center.