Week of Feb 18th

  • - NTRAK Model Trains Running!
    NTRAK Model Trains Running!

    NTRAK Model Trains Running!

    February 18, 2024

    Northern Virginia NTRAK Club will be running trains at the Museum! NTRAK was originally established as an NTRAK club in 1991. NTRAK is a modular railroad system based on standards developed by the NTRAK Modular Railroading Society. The basic philosophy behind NTRAK modular design is that it allows the N-scale modeler to build a basic unit, affectionately called a “plain old four footer” or POFF, and to participate in N-scale model train layouts with other N-scale model railroaders.

    The basic NTRAK module is two feet wide, four feet long and 40 inches high. The standards provide for the placement of the three rail main lines (Red, Yellow, and Blue) and the recommended wiring standards to allow for the joining together of unlimited numbers of other similarly designed NTRAK modules. The modular design of the NTRAK also provides for mountain train lines and passing sidings; allowing for a variety set up options. The basic three mainline design permits the operation of at least one train per line at all times. Additional trains can be run using block controls for analog operation or using digital command control throttles.

    As always, we have openings for new volunteers and would love to discuss volunteer opportunities with you on site that day or right now by filling out the form on our new website!