Welcome to the Fairfax Station Railroad Museum

Programs For Scouts

The Fairfax Station Railroad Museum supports Scouting programs through scheduled and special events.

The annual First Responders Day includes a workshop to help Girl Scouts earn their Nursing Interest Patch. Activities include technology demonstrations, meeting with medical and rescue professionals and interacting with re-enactors to learn about Clara Barton and the evolution of emergency medical practices.

Boy Scouts can earn their railroading merit badges by participating in Station programs. Groups may be scheduled in advance to learn about railroad companies, types and functions of train engines and freight cars or engage in educational modeling activities. Special workshops can be organized to gain an understanding into railroad communications and operations.

Cub Scouts can meet requirements for visiting a historical site by contacting the Station in advance for a special tour and hands on activities.

The Station also has many projects suitable for Eagle Scout projects. Eagle Scout projects have included the creation of our picnic area, installation of a new sign at Ox Road and creation of new pathways through the grounds.