Student Internships

The Fairfax Station RR Museum offers internship opportunities throughout the year to college and advanced high school students.

Internships are flexible in terms of duration, hours, and completing tasks either on- or offsite.

Internships are unpaid and project-based. The museum will work with students to assure that experiences are structured according to their personal interests and academic requirements. Many projects require interaction with the museum’s Board of Directors. Enthusiasm, interest in local history, and good communication skills are valued highly. Internships can be short- or long-term and can be implemented at any time during the calendar year.

Current needs and projects fall into the following areas:

  • Historical research
  • Display design and preparation
  • Artifact inventory and documentation
  • Assistance with, or creation of special exhibits and events
  • Development of interactive, educational activities and exhibits suitable for K-12 ages
  • Custom videos illustrating historic themes of the museum
  • Publication design and layout
  • Development of community outreach initiatives
  • Performance art centering on the museum’s historical themes

We also encourage candidates to present their own ideas for other ways in which they can make long-term contributions to the museum while gaining experience that will be both enjoyable and professionally/academically relevant.

Interns have an opportunity to make meaningful and lasting contributions to the local community through their programs with the museum. To apply, send an introductory cover letter, a description of areas of interest, a resume, and samples of work where appropriate to