Thank you for your support and interest in our museum.

For the entirety of its 30 years in operation, interns have played a critical part of all event planning and daily operations at Fairfax Station. The Friends of Fairfax Station benefitted from the efforts of dedicated individual interns to help share the workload and increase the scope of the museum’s events and activities.

Over the past several months, we have been discussing a possible transfer of ownership to a larger organization that might be better able to carry out our long-term mission. We likely will know soon whether we will move forward with a transfer, maintain the current organizational structure, or modify activities and our mission to meet conditions at that time. Since intern needs will vary greatly depending on those possible outcomes, we are unable to accept new applicants at this time.

Once this situation is resolved, there undoubtedly will be a variety of needs and opportunities so we hope you will continue monitoring developments through our website and Facebook page.