Sangster’s Station Combatant’s Descendant Visit

The great-great-granddaughter of David Dowd -- a member of the 155th New York Infantry during the Civil War -- visited the Fairfax Station Railroad Museum from Europe after a long COVID-imposed delay. Maeve Donegan Paine and her husband, Clive Paine, [...]


The Caboose Comes to Herndon

The Herndon Historical Society is very pleased to announce a special presentation taking place at the Herndon Historical Society’s Depot Museum (717 Lynn Street, Herndon, VA).   This special presentation is named The Caboose Comes to Herndon!  The presentation will take [...]


Volunteer of the Year

Julia Smail is the Volunteer of the Year for the Fairfax Station Railroad Museum. Julia was presented her award at the annual Inter Service Club Council award ceremony. Julia is currently the treasurer at the Fairfax Station Railroad Museum. Julia [...]


Leadership Transition at FSRM

Long standing museum president Jack Migliaccio has stepped down from his position after serving since April 2014. He remains on the Board of Directors to provide his experience and knowledge to the museum's operation and activities. We wish to thank [...]


Eagle Scout Projects

Troops 1346 (Burke, VA) and 995 (Springfield, VA) completed the final stages of a multi-year project to rid part of the museum’s property of invasive species that were threatening the health of its woods and natural watershed. The projects were [...]


Hogshead Rejuvenation

Even though we are open for just a few hours each week, our volunteers contribute their time and talents regularly behind the scenes. One of our volunteers has completed a reconstruction of a model hogshead that is now on display [...]

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