Fairfax Station Railroad Museum Videos

The Museum’s YouTube channel has a great variety of railroad-themed videos we have produced, or have taken part in, for your enjoyment.

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The Link and Pin Coupler

The simple and inexpensive link and pin coupling system had severe costs in safety. Its replacement revolutionized the railroading industry.

Eli Janney and the Link and Pin Coupler

An obscure store clerk was responsible for one of the most important inventions in U.S. railroad history.

Fairfax Station and “The Road to Happiness”

Fairfax Station was a movie star in this 1924 film produced by Ford Motor Co. and the U.S. Bureau of Roads

Corduroy Road

The renovation of the University Mall in Fairfax, Virginia uncovered a connection between the county seat and Fairfax Station.

The Telegraph at Fairfax Station

What is the connection between Andrew Carnegie, who would become one of the richest men in the world through U.S. Steel, and Fairfax Station?

Clara Barton at Fairfax Station

The future founder of the America Red Cross opened her eyes to chaos at Fairfax Station in 1862 – and it changed her views on everything.


Fairfax Station Railroad Museum

Get an overview of the museum with this view over the museum.

Aerial Look and the Fairfax Station Railroad Museum

Aerial Look and the museum teamed up for a 3-D tour of the facility.

Year in Review – 2015

The museum is busy year round with programs and activities, as this 2015 video shows.

Railroad Tie Replacement

The daily operations of the museum often reflect those on historic railroads.

Yard Limit Sign

Restoring artifacts at Fairfax Station is a matter of getting the rust off of history.

Model Trains

N Scale Running in Caboose

One of the smallest scale model trains runs regularly at Fairfax Station – history in a nutshell.

Fairfax Station Holiday Train Show

Enjoy a sample of the fun and variety of model trains at our biggest event of the year.

G Scale Train Show

The largest of the model trains running at Fairfax Station shows its stuff in this clip.