Traveling Clara Barton

The Fairfax Station Railroad Museum is proud to be a part of the National Park Service’s Traveling Clara Barton program. The Station is the only non-Park Service site participating in this activity aimed at younger visitors who want to learn more about Clara Barton, her life, and her work during the American Civil War.

Download your Traveling Clara Barton document, then visit each of the five sites in the program to receive its special stamp. Participants can also mail the form to any location (please be sure to include a stamped, self-addressed envelope).

Once all the stamps are completed, visit the National Park Service’s Traveling Clara Barton site to print out and complete a Junior Ranger Worksheet. Return the completed Traveling Clara Barton document and Junior Ranger Worksheet to Clara Barton NHS in person or by mail and receive a Clara Barton NHS Civil War Junior Ranger Badge.

Hundreds of young visitors have taken part in this fun and educational activity. The Museum is happy to work with schools and other large groups as well as individuals in this pursuit of history.