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The Life of Lena Wyckoff

Born in 1902, Lena Wyckoff was raised in southwestern Virginia. She pursued a vocation in education and moved to Northern Virginia to begin her teaching career. After teaching at Fairview, Clifton, Fairfax, and Centreville schools during the 1930’s, Mrs. Wyckoff left the profession to raise her two young children.

She and her husband owned the Wyckoff Store, located next to St. Mary’s rectory. At that time, it also housed the small Fairfax Station Post Office. Upon her husband’s death in 1947, Lena succeeded him as Postmaster until she retired in 1971.

Shortly after retiring, she joined the Clifton Community Woman’s Club, which was involved in many local preservation efforts. They would soon include the crusade to preserve the old station that had given the village of Fairfax Station its name and identity. As a former teacher and daughter of a railroad conductor, Lena dreamed of converting the old building into a museum so that future generations would know the area’s history. The club rallied around her and with additional support from the community, her vision was finally realized.

Lena Wyckoff became the first President of the Friends of Fairfax Station, Inc. and was a continuing member of the board of directors during her lifetime. After many years of struggling through the process, the museum opened its doors in 1988.

Lena Wyckoff was affectionately nicknamed “The Little Engine That Could” and became “The Little Engine That Did.” She passed away on January 12, 2001, just shy of 99 years old. Lena Wyckoff was an inspiration, a visionary, a teacher, and a true friend to the community.

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