HO Scale Model Trains Running!

May 29, 2022

The Potomac Module Crew will display HO model trains (Day 1 of 2)!

The Potomac Module Crew consists of model railroaders in the greater DC area who have an interest in modular model railroading. We model in HO Scale. A module is a section of a model railroad built to a minimal set of standard dimensions, track locations, and electrical connections. We use the NMRA Module Standard that supports modeling in all scales (O, HO, N, and Z scale). The basic standards cover:

      • The distance from the end of the module to the main track,
      • The height of the top of the rail from the floor,
      • The number of common tracks and the distance between them,
      • The electrical connections between modules

The type of scenery displayed is determined by the imagination and creativity of the builder. The scene depicted on a module can be anything: rural, industrial, agricultural, urban, mountainous, prairie-like, or any combination. The time period modeled is also left up to the wishes of the modeler.

The use of modules enables the creation of a section of railroad without a major investment in time, space or money. For example, creating a module using only straight track and using the standard dimensions of 2' x 4' can be made for about $50.00. Installing the minimal amount of track and electrical items will add about another $30.00 to the overall cost. Building modules is a great way to develop and improve key modelling skills such as laying track, ballasting track, performing basic electrical wiring, and creating scenery before building your dream layout. A module is also easy to transport and store when not in use.

As always, we have openings for new volunteers and would love to discuss volunteer opportunities with you on site that day or right now by filling out the form on our new website!

Fairfax Station Railroad Museum
11200 Fairfax Station Road
Fairfax Station, VA 22039

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