Garden Railway Trains!

July 28, 2024

Washington, Virginia and Maryland Garden Railway Society is running trains outside, weather permitting! Garden Railroading is simply this: take a garden, lay some track through it (yes outdoors) and operate the trains in and amongst the plants. This simple explanation tends to elicit many questions. Model railroading in the U.S. was so deeply entrenched in electrically powered trains that the thought of running these trains outdoors seemed odd or even dangerous to some. In 1968 a German toy manufacturer decided to use a scale and gauge of model trains that had not been actively modeled since the late 1800’s, and developed large weatherproof electric trains with sealed components. This allowed trains to be set up outside on the lawn and to be operated by children with ease. This, of course, intrigued a few model railroaders to take this idea further, and to build more intricate railways complete with buildings, miniature plants and natural landscapes. Garden railroading is a way to create miniature wonderlands in and amongst our everyday surroundings.


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